Seaford Cross Country 2024

Cross Country is our Winter Athletics season. The weekly events are held on all types of tracks. We run through sand, mud puddles, bushland and open grass; in all weather conditions. 

New Seaford Members

Athletes not currently registered with Seaford Little Athletics for the 2023/2024 season (have paid a registration since August 2023 and competed in the summer season) aged U6 to U17 must register with LAVic for the winter season. To register with LAVic please click here. 

Once registered (paid the LAVic $55 and Seaford $40 component for XC) your receipt will confirm a pin number that you are required to enter to void the $40 fee on this page. Please also refer to your receipt which will include your login details. You will be required to set up a password if first using the account.

Seaford Summer Members

Members registered during the Summer season from other Centres will be required to refer to their Centre email which invited them to participate in the winter season, a pin number will be in that email which will void the fee of $40 via this website for the Cross Country season. This same email will include your login details.

Non Seaford Members (Registered athletes from other LAVic Centre)

You will be required to login with your LAVic username to register a fee of $40 will apply to paticipate in the winter competition with Seaford.

Please complete & answer applicable questions before submitting and paying online. The fee covers all our local costs of running the season, including end of season trophies. It also includes free entry to events at Seaford Cross Country Open Day.

To register click on the 'click here to register' option above, Each members will be required to LOGIN in order to proceed further.

Open Age races are not available as part of our Little Athletics Program.

U6 U7 U8 U9 U10

No Walks


No walks


700m Walk


700m Walk


1100m Walk

U11 U12 U13 & 14 U15 & 16 U17

2km run

1100m Walk

2km run

1500m Walk

3km run
1500m Walk
4km run
1500m Walk

4km Girls run
5Km Boys run

1500m Walk

Athletes are encouraged to participate in one or both events offered for their age group. No athlete can step up to an event outside of their own age group.

On most Saturdays we hold Race Walking events. We also conduct a number of team and special events, including our enormously popular ‘Obstacle Course Nominated Times’ and ‘Nominated Times Team Relay’ events, as well as attend Open Days and Championship Events.

Any questions please contact Jacqui Lavery - Cross Country Coordinator

on 0401 006 260 or e-mail

Event Details


Seaford North Primary School, Hallifax Street, Seaford