To make it easier to pay fines at CycleSport WA events we have set up this online payment system.


Please be ready with your credit card and the name of the event where you incurred a fine.


Many Thanks


CycleSport WA


Extract from CYCLESPORT WA RACING INFRINGEMENTS MEMO: click here to read

" RACE DAY • Riders may be notified of an infringement and penalty whilst riding or post event by a Commissaire or Event Official. • Riders may be notified at the event when they seek their membership cards. • Commissaires make every effort to inform riders of their infringement, but may not be able to make contact with every rider. • Commissaires consider the safety of riders as paramount and issue infringements and penalties with due consideration and evidence. • Appeal against your infringement can be made in person to the Chief Commissaire at the event within 15 mins of the Road or Track event, with the required fee and form. • List of infringements available in the Cycling Australi Technical regulations

POST RACE DAY Riders may be notified post event by email from CycleSport WA as per CycleSport WA policy: Race Penalties June 2014 If notification is sent by email then it must be as an attachment on CycleSport WA letterhead, stating the infringement, the penalty, the date and event at which infraction occurred and the process on either how to pay it or how to appeal it. • Appeals against email notifications are not valid or considered. • Payment can be made online at • Non payment of fines results in suspension of racing in accordance with CycleSport WA policy: Conditions of Entry - June 2014

GRIEVANCE • Riders with a written grievance in progress can not race unless their fine is paid. CA Tech Regs 3.28.05 In any situation regarding any rider receiving a fine for an offence at a sanctioned road, track or mountain bike event, the fine will be payable immediately the Appeal Jury dismisses the appeal. The rider will not take part in any sanctioned event until that fine has been paid. The same conditions will apply to a disqualification. • Appeals are handled by the CycleSport WA By laws SECTION 6: GRIEVANCES, JUDICIAL AND DISCIPLINE • All WA clubs and other State Associations will be notified and advised not to accept an entry from the individual/s until such time as grievance is resolved."