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SWCC Social Membership

SWCC Social Membership


South West Cycle Club requests that by the third ride with the club on a club sanctioned ride (refer to list of rides on the website group ride page) that you join up.  By doing so you are showing support for the structured club rides the club has organised including: ride leaders for each group that are rewarded with free coffee and; club sponsored long rides.  As a member you are also agreeing to adhere to the club’s ride etiquette.

As a member you will receive a regular club newsletter promoting a range of activities the club supports.


We encourage everyone to take out personal accident cover insurance which may be through a Cycling Australia membership with SWCC or another club or via membership with a range of other bodies e.g. BWA, Triathlon Australia, West Coast Masters.

Alternatively if you do not have insurance through an existing membership, you are encouraged to either take out a SWCC Silver or Gold membership through Cycling Australia as per the details and link below.  This covers your club membership as well as your insurance.


  • $25     Senior     
  • $10     Junior      
  • $50     Family (ie 2 Seniors & 2 Juniors)
  • A 4% processing fee applies to each registration 

SWCC Social Membership entitles you to:

  • Access to wide range of events promoted via newsletter


  • for some events CA membership is required.
  • A minimum of a SWCC social Membership is required for regular participation in SWCC sanctioned rides that the SWCC club is organising and putting in place supported ride leaders.
  • This membership does not provide personal accident cover and we encourage all members to ensure they have insurance for this in place either through eg CA membership, Triathlon Australia membership, BWA membership or West Coast Masters membership.

As a SWCC Social Member, you agree to:

  • Abide by the SWCC Values.
  • Adhere to the SWCC Ride Etiquette;
  • We ask riders to respect the club officials and volunteers, failure to do so wil not be tolerated by the SWCC committee.