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17th SCODY Sydney Cup On Wheels Carnival

T16054: 17th SCODY Sydney Cup On Wheels Carnival

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Event Date: Saturday 10th December 2016

Promoter: Cycling NSW

Venue: Dunc Gray Velodrome, Carysfield Rd, Bass Hill, NSW, 2197

Closing Date: Midnight Wednesday, 30th November 2016 (Note) ON THE DAY ENTRIES AVAILABLE *

*Entries will be available for all events, except for the SCODY Handicap Event.


Age Categories & Eligibility: 

  • This event is open to U11 - Masters aged riders only.
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2017 ages effective from 1st October 2016.
  • This event is not open to Day Memberships, 3 Race Permits or Regional memberships.
  • Financial Cycling Australia 'Race' members only. Valid 2016 or 2017 membership card must be presented at sign-on.


Entry Fee (inclusive of $2 transaction fee): 

  • U11 & U13 - $15
  • U15 & U17 - $20
  • U19+ - $35
  • All on-the-day entries will incur an additional $20 fee ($10 for juniors)

 Start Time: 

  • Doors Open / 11:30am
  • Sign-on /11:30am - 1:10pm (located at ground-level Rider Entrance)
  • Warm-up /12:00pm - 12:50pm
  • First Race / 1:00pm
  • Sign-off / 2:00pm - conclusion of carnival (located in the Infield)


Final Schedule: 

# Event # Event
1 U11 Warm-up Derbies 24 Open Women Elimination Race
2 U13 Warm-up Derbies 25 Division 2 Men Elimination Race
3 JW15 Warm-up Scratch Races 26 Division 1 Men Elimination Race
4 JM15 Warm-up Scratch Races 27 Official Break
5 JW17 Warm-up Scratch Races 28 U11 SCOW Handicap
6 JM17 Warm-up Scratch Races 29 U13 SCOW Handicap
7 Open Women Warm-up Derbies 30 JW15 SCOW Handicap
8 Open Men Warm-up Derbies 31 JM15 SCOW Handicap
9 U11 Scratch Race 32 JW17 SCOW Handicap
10 U13 Scratch Race 33 JM17 SCOW Handicap
11 JW15 Tempo Race 34 Open Women SCOW Handicap
12 JM15 Tempo Race 35 Men SCOW Handicap
13 JW17 Tempo Race 36 Presentations
14 JM17 Tempo Race 37 U11 Graded Scratch
15 Open Women Tempo Race 38 U13 Graded Scratch
16 Division 2 Men Tempo Race 39 JW15 Mystery Lapper
17 Division 1 Men Tempo Race 40 JM15 Mystery Lapper
18 U11 1-Lap Time Trials 41 JW17 Mystery Lapper
19 U13 1-Lap Time Trials 42 JM17 Mystery Lapper
20 JW15 Elimination Race 43 Open Women Mystery Lapper
21 JM15 Elimination Race 44 Division 2 Men Mystery Lapper
22 JW17 Elimination Race 45 Division 1 Men Time Blaster
23 JM17 Elimination Race
  • Open Women & Open Men will open with Derbies. Derbies will be run by age category combines.
  • There will be no handicap qualifiers



Race Grading & Divisions:

The carnival will be raced in the following Divisions:

  • U11 (JB11 & JG11)
  • U13 (JB13 & JG13)
  • JW15
  • JM15
  • JW17
  • JM17
  • Open Women (JW19, EliteW & WMAS)
  • Division 2 Men (as graded)
  • Division 1 Men (as graded)

Some races may be run in multiple heats - these races will carry points for each heat.


The SCODY Sydney Cup On Wheels Handicap Wheelraces will be raced in the following Categories:

  • U11 (trophies awarded to 1st JB11 & 1st JG11)
  • U13 (trophies awarded to 1st JB13 & 1st JG13)
  • JW15
  • JM15
  • JW17
  • JM17
  • Open Women
  • Open Men

Points Competition: The carnival will run as a multi-race points competition, similar to an Omnium. Points available are:

  • Place Points: Similar to a points race with riders awarded 5pts, 3pts, 2pts, 1pt for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in each race respectively. Points will be awarded based on placings in each race, not per category (in the event categories are combined). Final events will carry double Place Points.
  • Starter Points: All starters will receive 1 pt. This is in addition to any Place Points won.

At the end of the carnival, the rider to accumulate the most points wins the category.


Prize Money & Presentations: 

  • Prizemoney will be awarded to the top 3 riders in the carnival points competition in each category at the conclusion of the carnival.
  • The signature races, The SCODY Sydney Cup On Wheels Handicaps, will carry prizemoney down to 5th (Seniors & U17s), 4th (U15s) and 3rd (U11-U13s) per race.
  • Winners of the Handicap Finals will also be awarded a trophy.
  • There will be a presentation for the Handicap Final podiums. All placing riders are expected to be present.
  • Carnival points competition prizemoney will be available for collection after the presentations. There will be no formal presentation for the carnival points competition.
  • Prizemoney will be a percentage returned from entry fees.



  • Results will be live on the velodrome scoreboard
  • Final results will be uploaded to the Cycling NSW website at the conclusion of the event.


Velodrome Guest Information

Spectators & Handlers:

  • Entry for all patrons is via the Rider Entrance
  • Upstairs Spectator Entry will not be used
  • Spectator Fee / $10 per person / $5 for 14yo and younger or pensioner / No infield access
  • Handlers Fee / $10 per person / CA membership required / Handlers will be required to hand in their membership card for the duration of the event
  • Infield Kids / $5 / Must be accompanied by paying Guardian / Please do not let kids roam about the infield as it is a dangerous zone


Food & Beverage:

  • Cafe Lovers cafe will be operating on Spectator Level (Level 4).


Toilets & Change Rooms:

  • Spectator toilets are available on Level 4 (Spectator level) behind the seating
  • Toilets, showers and change rooms are available to riders on Level 3 near the ground-level rider entrance.


Parking: There is ample parking at Dunc Gray Velodrome. Please park in the allocated visitor parking bays and not on the grass, pedestrian walkways or blocking the building vehicular (rider) entrance.


AccommodationPlease click here for accommodation from Choice Hotels Australasia™


Event Officials & Staff

  • Race Director: Daniel Morrison
  • Chief Commissaire: Gary Keating
  • Handicapper: Mike O'Reilly & Robyn Sprouster



Event Information & Entries:
Cycling NSW Office 
Ph: (02) 9738 5850

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Cycling Australia Memberships
Ph: (03) 9998 6810

Event Details

Event Date:

Saturday 10 December 2016
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