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Bike Camera Licencing Form

Cycling Australia permit the use of on bike cameras when licensed.  These licenses can be applied for through the following process and are able to be used all all non-UCI events in Australia under the conditions listed below.

Media services may purchase a licence allowing use on one (1) rider per licence. A Media service may purchase more than one (1) licence.

Licence Conditions

  • Use of camera must also be approved by the race organiser prior to use
  • The camera must be presented on the bike to the Chief Commissaire and he/she must approve the use before the start of the event
  • All footage must be made available to Cycling Australia or the event organiser within 48hrs of an in-writing request
  • Any footage that may bring the sport into disrepute must not be released to the public.
  • Breaches of the policy will be subject to a penalty


  • Riders breaching these regulations will receive a four (4) weeks suspension for first infraction. This will double for each subsequent breach of the policy.
  • Media services breaching these regulations will lose the right to be issued further licences for a period of time. With further breaches, the media service will lose the right to any licences in the future
  • Penalties may be made by the event’s Chief Commissaire, after the event, based on footage 


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