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58th Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic 228km


Event Date: Saturday 12th May 2018

Promoter: Inverell CC

Venue: Memorial Park, Prince Street (opposite Crown Hotel), Grafton, NSW, 2460 [view map]

Registration: Friday 11th May 2018, 4:00pm-6:00pm @ Toast Espresso, 21 Prince St, Grafton, NSW, 2460 [view map]

Start List: Click here to view the Final Start List *NEW*

Start Time:

  • 7:15am - Division 1 (Mens NRS) 
  • 7:25am - Division 2
  • 7:35am - Division 3 / Challenge Event

Course Map: Click the following links to view - Course Profile - Course Map

Prize Money: Total of $15,000 minimum across all events


Entry Fee:

Race - Individual:

  • Early Bird: $195
  • Normal: $235

Race - Teams:

  • Division 1:

    • Each Individuals Entry Fee X number of Riders

  • Division 2 and 3 Teams (4 riders):

    • Early Bird: $750
    • Normal: $900

Challenge - Individual:

Non Member: (includes One Day RACE membership)

  • Early Bird: $210
  • Normal: $250

CA 'RIDE' and 'REGIONAL' Member: (includes One Day RACE membership)

  • Early Bird: $195
  • Normal: $235

Challenge – Teams (4 Riders):

  • Early Bird: $800
  • Normal: $950
  • Team can comprise of both CA Members and Non-members.

Closing Date:

  • Early Bird: Sunday 25th March 2018
  • Normal: Sunday 29th April 2018


Overall Event Eligibility Criteria:

  • U23M, Elite Men, Men Masters, Elite Women*, Women Masters *, Challenge**
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2018 ages effective from 1st October 2017
  • Financial Cycling Australia 'RACE' members only for all events. Valid membership card must be presented at sign-on.
  • The Race events are not open to Day Memberships, 3 Race Permits or Regional memberships.
  • Financial Cycling Australia 'RIDE' members, REGIONAL members and Non-Members are eligible to participate in the Challenge event. A One Day 'RACE' membership will be included in the entry for the Challenge event.

Division 1: Mens NRS (Team Event)

Teams for the Division 1 NRS event must consist of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 7 riders. The best 3 cumulative times that are recorded will determine the team’s category prize.  

The Division 1 event is a teams event and is open in order of priority to:

  1. NRS Registered Teams
  2. International Teams (maximum of three (3) teams can be represented)
  3. Two (2) Wild Card Teams (to be chosen by the event organiser)
  4. Individual Entries - must wear their club or state registered kit (the event organiser then may choose to group these riders into composite teams)

All Teams must enter through the Manual Entry form and return to Non-registered NRS teams wishing to enter the A Grade event are requested to contact the Cycling NSW office via email prior to registering their entry

Riders nominated for NRS teams must be registered with the team or approved by Cycling Australia as a guest rider or emergency rider prior to the close of entries.


Please Note: 

*All Teams must enter through the Manual Entry Form and return to

*Any changes to the team must be sent to the CNSW office and the Event Manager, Chris Thompson prior to the close of entries.

*Only riders with an IMG State handicap ranking of A1, A2 or A3 will be considered for individual entry into the A Grade event. 

Division 2 and 3:

Riders will be allocated into their division by the NSW State Handicapper. Consultation with the relevant state association will be made for interstate riders. Division allocation will be based on ensuring a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 150 riders in each division to meet logistical and safety requirements.

Riders will be allocated into their Division on the basis of the following eligibility:

Division 2: NSW Grading - B 1-3, C 1-3; QLD Grading - Elite B and C, Masters A and B; Other States – equivalent grading

Division 3: NSW Grading – D1-3, E1-3, F1-3, G1-3; QLD Grading – Masters C and D, Women A-D; Other States – equivalent grading

To acknowledge any discrepancy in rider grading level within each division, each rider will be allocated as follows:

Division 2A: NSW Grading - B 1-3, QLD Grading - Elite B, Masters A, Other States – equivalent grading

Division 2B: NSW Grading - C 1-3, QLD Grading - Elite C, Masters B, Other States – equivalent grading

Division 3A: NSW Grading - D 1-3, QLD Grading - Masters C, Women A-B,  Other States – equivalent grading

Division 3B: NSW Grading - E 1-3, F1-3, G1-3, QLD Grading - Masters D, Women C-D, Other States – equivalent grading

There will be a separate prize for the first ‘B’ classified rider to finish in each division.

Note: Please ensure that your current state grading is correct (visit the website or contact your state association for details). If you are not currently graded, please apply to be graded through your state association prior to the event closing date.

*Elite Women & Masters Women Entries:

Entries from female riders will be on the basis that there will be a separate women’s category race within the Division 3 race. There will be a prize for the first three female riders in this category.

**Challenge Entries:

Entries from CA Regional members, CA Ride members and CA non-member riders will be accepted on the basis that they are over the age of 18 in 2018 (born in the year 1999 or earlier) and understand that they will be required to complete the course in under the 9hr 30 min cut off time. Riders will be issued with a one-day 'RACE' membership as part of the entry process and will ride within the Division 3 race. Challenge riders will not be eligible for Race prizes as they do not have an official Race grading. Challenge entries will be limited to 100 riders.


Teams for the Division 2 and Division 3 events will consist of four riders. Each rider in the team must be eligible for the Division that the team has nominated for. A team may request permission from CNSW to upgrade a Division 3 ranked rider/s into a Division 2 team. Division 2 ranked riders cannot ride for a Division 3 team. The team time will be determined from the aggregate time of the first three team members to finish. There will be a prize for the first team to finish in Division 2 and Division 3.

Challenge riders may enter as a team of four riders. The team will receive a finishing time determined from the aggregate time of the first three team members to finish and will receive a team finisher’s memento in addition to the individual finisher’s medallions.


Due to permit restrictions, the race has a cut-off time of 4.55pm for all competitors that correlate to an average minimum speed of 24km/h. A Sag Wagon will travel behind the race at all times and has been instructed to reach key points on the course at set times. If a rider falls behind the wagon and is likely to remain there, the rider will be given the option of boarding the SAG or requested to hand over their transponder and number to the race official.

There are neutral manned water stations at the bottom of the Gibraltar Range (70km) and at the township of Elsmore (208km). There are feeding stations located at the Glen Innes Correctional Centre (119km) and the town of Glen Innes (160km) where rider supporters can hand out drinks and nutrition. Riders in Division 2 and Division 3 who do not have supporters may place their feed bags in the lead vehicle and they will be taken to the relevant feed station for rider collection during the event.

Roving motorbikes will be on course to provide additional water between the foot of the Gibraltar Range and the Glen Innes Correctional Centre feed station.

Stage presentations for media (including the awarding of classification jerseys) will be conducted within 15 minutes of the race finish adjacent to the finish line. The official race presentation will be held at the event dinner at the Inverell RSM club on Saturday evening at 6.30pm. You must attend the race dinner to receive prizemoney. All competitors will receive a complimentary dinner ticket in their entry pack.

Classification prizes will be awarded for Overall, King of the Mountains and Sprint across the Divisions.

Anyone wishing to purchase additional dinner tickets need to do so by Wednesday 2nd May. Details & purchasing are on the event website,, Tickets will not be available at the door. Tickets will not be available on the door.

For any additional information, please visit the event web site

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General Enquiries:

Event Information:
Chris Thompson (Event Manager)
Mob: 0408 092 592

Event Entries:
Cycling NSW
Ph: (02) 9738 5850

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Prince Street, Grafton, NSW, 2460

Event Date:

Saturday 12 May 2018
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