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NSW Grand Prix #2



Event Date:                 18th March 2018

Location:                       Illawarra Archers - 270 Mt Keira Rd, Mt Keira

Registration:                 830am - 900am

Bow Inspections:          845am - 915am

Practice:                       930am - 1000am

First Scoring Arrow:    1000am


Session 1:                  WA and AA 720 Rounds

Session 2:                  WA and AA 720 Rounds              


This is a WA Registered Event


Entries Close 11:59pm 15th March 2018


Entry Fees

One session only: $15

Both Sessions: $20

NOTE - Entries will only be accepted online there wil be NO other entries accepted

         - Space is limited and spots on the shooting line will be allocted on a first to regsiter basis


Rounds to be shot:

WA 70/720, 60/720 and 50/720

AA 50/720, 40/720 and 30/720


A full canteen will operate during the event

Breakfast and Lunch will be available for purchase at the grounds


2018 ANSW Target Grand Prix Series

In 2018 ANSW, with the assistance of Metropolitan and Regional clubs, will be running a Grand Prix Series where archers of all Age Divisions can compete in ten registered tournaments. This is not just an event for NSW Archers, visitors are welcome, and visitors can win the Gold medal on offer at the end of the series

Event dates:

Sunday’s being –

18th Mar at Illawarra Archers

13th May at Armidale Archers

17th June at Penrith City Archers

15th July at Illawarra Archers

26th Aug at Penrith City Archers

16th Sep TBA

14th Oct TBA

18th Nov TBA

16th Dec TBA

Any clubs wishing to stage a Grand Prix on the available dates above should contact


Entry fees to be charged via IMG

  • Single flight $15
  • Double flight $20
  • Single flight with round robin match play $20
  • There will be NO late entries after the closing of registrations

-        IMG fees not included in the above

ANSW Grand Prix Format

  • Rounds to be shot WA 70/720, 60/720, 50/720 and AA 50/720, 40/720, 30/720
  • Single and Double Flights to include all the above rounds
  • Single Flight with Round Robin Match play to include all the above rounds
  • Each tournament will be run as per WA rules

Deciding placings in each division at each event

  • Where a single flight is shot the placings will be based on the scores from this single round for each division
  • Where a double flight is shot the placings will be based on the accumulated scores from both flights for each division
  • Where a single flight and match play is used, placings will be based on the match play results.

Divisions will be

  • Open
  • Cadet, Master, Veteran & Veteran+ (together in one division)
  • Intermediate and Cub (together in one division)
  • Barebow Recurve/Longbow all ages (together in one division)

-        Archers will shoot the target size and distance relevant to their bow type, age and gender.

  • For Youth Divisions ANSW reserves the right to move a gifted and talented archer up one division and distance where its deemed applicable.


Awarding of points at each GP event to each division

  • 1st           25 points                                           6th          8 points
  • 2nd          18 points                                           7th          6 points
  • 3rd          15 points                                           8th          4 points
  • 4th          12 points                                           9th          2 points
  • 5th          10 points                                           10th        1 point


Grand Prix Points Table

  • Accumulated scores per each division will be posted on ANSW Website within 14 days of the completion of an event.
  • Scores from each event will be available via Archers Diary


Deciding the annual winner and divisions

  • A Gold Medal only will be awarded to the winner of each division – provided there is more than one archer who has completed the six (6) rounds required.
  • An archer’s best six (6) point scores (see table above) will be accumulated, plus ALL bonus points to result in a final Grand Prix Score.
  • An archer will earn an additional 1 point for every GP Tournament completed in the Metropolitan area and 3 points for every GP Tournament completed in a Regional Area. This will be added to the 6 best scores above to give the archer their final “Grand Prix Score”
  • Regional Areas are Defined by:

          Locations Including and North of Newcastle

          Locations West of Katoomba

          Locations South of Wollongong

          Locations South West of Moss Vale

  • A division will be defined by age (as above), gender and bow type, except barebow recurve/longbow where the separation will be by gender only
  • All awards will be presented at the first ANSW Presentation Night following the completion of the events held within the 2018 calendar year.


If you have any questions please contact me via email

Event Details


Illawarra Archers, 270 Mount Keira Rd, Mount Keira, NSW

Event Date:

Sunday 18 March 2018
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