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2018 Cootamundra Annual Cycle Classic Weekend

Promoter: Cootamundra CC


Entry Fee: $55

Closing Date: Wednesday 15th August 2018 Entries extended to Sunday 19 August 2018

Start Time: 

Course Map:

Race distance: 116km

By popular demand the Cootamundra Classic Weekend will again be utilising the courses on the western side of Cootamundra. Fast, exciting racing on a picturesque route of rolling hills awaits riders - but riders are advised not to race too hard too early, as a new leg-screamer of an uphill finish awaits the winning bunch!

Click the following link for the map of the new 116km course - PDF

Prize Money: $6,000 in prize money over the whole weekend

Presentations will be held at the Cootamundra Country Club immediately following the race.

Promoter: Cootamundra CC


Closing Date: Wednesday 15th August 2018

Entry Fee: $55

Start Time: 

  • Sign-on - 8:30am
  • Race Start - 10:00am


Race distance: 57km

Day 2 runs along a shortened version of the Saturday course but still promises fast, exciting racing on a picturesque route of rolling hills and a leg-screamer of an uphill finish.

Click the following link for the map of the new 57km course - PDF

Prize Money: $6,000 in prize money over the whole weekend

Presentations will be held at the Cootamundra Country Club immediately following the race.


  • JW19, JM19, U/23, Elite Women, Elite Men, Mens Masters, Womens Masters
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2018 ages effective from 1st October 2017.
  • Financial Cycling Australia 'Race' members only. Valid membership card must be presented at sign-on.
  • This event is not open to Day Memberships, 3 Race Permits or Regional memberships.


  1. Complete the entry form for the "Day 1..." entry type.
  2. On the Entry Details screen click the "Enter Additional Events" button.
  3. Select the "Day 2..." entry type and complete the entry form.
  4. Both entries will now appear on the Entry Details Screen
  5. Click the "submit Now & Pay Online" button.
  6. Complete payment and then your entry is complete.

Please note: If your name appears twice on the confirmed entrants list then your entries were successful.


(Please see Cootamundra CC website for  more information.)

Incase of record support for the event like in previous years the Race Promoter and officials have issued the following instructions to riders to ensure the safe and smooth running of the event:

1. All riders to be aware of their allocated bunches and start times and MUST be in the marshalling area 10 minutes before their allocated start time for the final briefing. Don't be late as any rider not in attendance for their briefing may incur a time penalty. Once marshalled and your number has been checked off you will not be permitted to leave the marshalling area.

2. If you have been dropped from your bunch and out of contention, you may continue in the event, However we request you stay left of the road and do not impede following traffic or riders passing.

3. Riders are requested that once the race has finished, MOVE off the road and away from the finish straight. Commissaires will be used to keep the road clear however you MUST obey their orders otherwise penalties will be incurred. This has been a major problem at many events in the past and WILL NOT be tolerated by officials or Police.

4. Road safety is paramount for ALL concerned, that is riders, officials and the general public. Riders MUST obey ALL Officials requests without question. That means Traffic Marshals, Commissaires and ALL other Officials.

5. Only authorised vehicles will be allowed on the course once the race has commenced. We ask parents, coaches, friends and others PLEASE do not drive on the circuit as this will inevitably cause traffic issues and may result in the race being halted and identified riders be disqualified from the event.

These measures are being introduced to help make this event safe for all involved.

We thank you for your cooperation in advance of the event.  

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Event Information: 
Mark Loiterton
Ph: (02) 6942 3057 or
Ph: (02) 6942 1836

Event Entries: 
Matt Goodenough
Ph: (02) 9738 5850

Event Details


Cootamundra Country Club, 94 Hurley St Cootamundra NSW 2590

Event Date:

Saturday 25 August 2018 to Sunday 26 August 2018
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