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2019 U11 HUB

About the Programme

The U11 HUB Programme has been running since 2012. The programme enables Wellington Hockey to offer a significant number of young players, trainers and umpires the opportunity to develop their basic hockey, umpiring and coaching skills over a period of weeks and then put these skills into practice in the two Festival Days and a weekend tournament in Kapiti and the Wairarapa.

Importantly, the programme is also a great development opportunity for coaches – it is a chance for coaches in our community to extend their coaching skills with this age group, while having access to ongoing support.

 Wellington Hockey will continue with the following to improve the organisation of this programme;

  • Wellington Hockey lead coaches to help trainers at trainings
  • A self-nomination process to streamline administration and communication

The programnme is tailored to the U11 curriculum, written by WHA. For U11 this means:


Game Principles:  Find Space  

Game Concept:    

  • With the Ball (pass into space away from congestion) 
  • Without the Ball (move into space) 

Playing Style: S.P.A.C – Scan, Pass & Connect (look, pass & move, look, pass & move) 

Nomination Guidelines

The following should be used as guidelines when players are nominating themselves for the U11 program. It’s important to know that this programme is open for all U11 players to attend as the programme and its trainers tailor for players who have played before and for players who are new to the game. The purpose is to create engagement in a fun environment!

Players that possess the following attributes should be nominated themselves for the U11 program;

  • High level of coachability
  • Versatility in a range of positions
  • Willingness to learn
  • Team Player
  • Love of hockey
  • Positive attitude
  • Embrace the principles of fair play
  • Be U11 as of 1st January 2019 and be in year 5 or 6
  • Be available to attend the Wairarapa tournament

Please note that players must participant in the Wairarapa tournament to take part in the Development Programme.

Important Dates:

April 10:             Information to club

April 10:             Nominations open

May 19th:           Nominations close

May 19th:           Programme information sent to participants

May 26th:           Programme starts

June 23rd:          Festival Day (Kapiti)

July 13th and 14th:    Wairarapa Festival Weekend