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2019 Mosgiel Fun Sticks

The Fun Sticks Hockey Programme is aimed at any "new" hockey players, generally in Years 1 and 2 at school.


Fun Sticks is a HNZ hockey programme designed for children year 1 &2 


  • An introduction to hockey with an emphasis on having fun 
  • An opportunity to develop fundamental skills- running, dodging, striking
  • A positive and quality coaching environment 
  • Full involvement for all participants
  • Regular changes of activities to maintain enthusiasm and interest                          
  • A safe environment for all activities 
  • All of the equipment required to play hockey

Otago Hockey provides the sticks and lighter hockey balls for Fun Sticks. Some parents prefer to purchase their children their own stick, as well as shin pads and mouthguard. These can be purchased at the McMillan Hockey Centre, or at any good sports shop.


Julia Boothroyd , will be looking after Fun Sticks this year. You can contact her at or 03 474 9201.

Where: Held in the Taieri College ITC (Entrance on Green St, Mosgiel)
When:  Number Depended Fridays Term 3 From 26th July 
Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm

Cost: $75 for the 10 week programme and it also includes a tee shirt!

#Note: Due to the facilities we have a 20 maximum of kids so get in fast


Term 3 (Number Depended)

Session 1: 26th July 

Session 10: 27th September