This Event Is Now Closed.

Classification Registration - NSW All Schools - Friday 27 September 2019

Physical Impairment Classification Only


DATE: Friday, 27 September

VENUE: Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre - Girls changeroom under the stadium (halfway up the corridor) 

TIMES: 8.30am - 3.50pm (50min time slots per athlete)

CLOSING DATE TO REGISTER: 11pm Thursday, 19 September


  • If you do not get a timeslot and you are attending the Australian All Schools, there will be classifiers in Perth. Please also put your name on the waitlist if you have missed out. 
  • Please note this classification is for Physical Impairment only. For all other classifications click HERE.
  • New athletes will take priority when bookings are confirmed unless an athlete is competing in the adjoining competition and hold either a R or N status. Then these athletes take priority over new athletes.
  • Bookings will be confirmed after the closing date of Thursday, 19 September via email. Some bookings may need to change according the athlete’s status and competition schedule on the day of the classification. We will try our best to accommodate all athletes needs but this is not guaranteed. 
  • Athletes must be at least 8yrs of age or older at the day of classification.
  • Once your booking is confirmed you must provide the required medical documentation to and bring a copy with you on the day. What to supply can be found HERE.
  • Athletes must arrive at the venue 15mins prior so not to delay following bookings.
  • If an athlete does not attend their booking, they will not be eligible to compete in the respective competition.
  • Athletes who have a sport class status 'Confirmed' (C) or 'Review with a fixed date' (other than that of the current year in which the classification session is occurring) are not permitted to undergo classification. 


Further Information

For further details on any of the above please contact Cheryl Webb on 02 9633 4511 or 0417 686 257 or email