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2020 State Indoor Archery Championships at PORT ELLIOT

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General Entries open 12.00 pm, 24 JulyVIctor Harbor Archery Club

(Final entries close 11.59 pm, 6 August)


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World Archery

(Please note: the venue organiser advises the number of entries is capped at 32)

Please make sure you arrive by 5.30 pm.

  • 6.00 pm Double Australian Indoor 1 Rounds - conducted under Archery Australia Rules, which provide all competitors, irrespective of bow type, will shoot the full 10-ring; the X-ring will only be used as an X for countbacks (two rounds x 30 arrows each) (20 minutes practice and no break between practice and the first scoring end. No practice after 30 arrows.)
  • 8.00 pm Single World Archery Indoor 18m round (Two ends of practice followed by 1 round x 60 arrows, with a short break at 30 arrows

The entire event is required to be shot in details (AB/CD-CD/AB, etc) - if unclear, refer to World Archery Rules 13.1 for the procedure.

For the 2 x Australia Indoor 1 rounds, World Archery Rules apply, except:

  • All Divisions will score using the ten scoring zone, Xs will be counted and used for tie-breaking purposes only
  • The maximum arrow diameter is 10.72 mm (0.422” or 27/64”)
  • The maximum arrow point diamter is 10.82 mm
  • Only single and triple (triangle) faces will be used. Athletes shall choose which face type they wish to use for the rounds (i.e. same type for both rounds)
  • Entrants will be allocated to a target and they may choose if they wish to initially shoot left or right or top and bottom
  • Archers on the lower faces will always shoot first
  • After 10 ends (30 arrows), archers will change their target faces from top to bottom and bottom to top

For the World Archery Indoor 18m, only single and triple (vertical) faces will be offered. Athletes shall choose which face type they wish to use for the round.

This is an Archery Alliance of Australia cross-participation event


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Port Elliot Showgrounds, Cameron Street, Port Elliot, SA

Event Date:

Wednesday 12 August 2020
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