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Lenswood World Archery Oceania Club Challenge 2021

Oceania Club Challenge Event

Do something different!
come to the HILLS and enjoy a day out (or a day off)
at the beautiful Lenswood Oval!

Registrations open 9 May
(we will add you to The Archer's Diary when you register)

The shoot will commence at 9.30 am (-ish)

& comprises a

WA60/900 (Canberra) Round (60-50-40 metres)

(for archers who have been in archery less than 12 months
or who have never shot further than 40 metres)

a Junior Canberra Round (40-30-20 metres)

 For non-HILLS ARCHERS members, a Visitor Fee applies (includes tea/coffee/biscuits)

Pay by Credit/Debit card or PayPal

Registrations close: 8.00 am, Monday, 24 May

  • plenty of car parking is available


We are Smoke-Free!

Event Details


HILLS ARCHERS, Lenswood Oval, 693 Swamp Road, Lenswood

Event Date:

Wednesday 26 May 2021
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