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2022 Trial Athlete Offer - Cross Country

This portal has now closed.

Families wishing to have their children trial are encouraged to visit our Centre Contact list to verify whether their chosen Centre are involved in the Cross Country Season for 2022 and still have weeks available to trial for the winter season. Trials for the remainder of the season will be at the discression of the Centre and if available a manual trial form will be provided by the Centre.

New Registrations Summer Season

Please note our Summer (Track & Field) season is scheduled to recommence in September / October, if you would like to add an expression of interest for the summer season please click here, we will send out an email to you once our Summer season registrations open in Mid - Late August.


  • The 2022 Little Athletics Victoria Winter season (Cross Country) runs from April - August 2022. You are encouraged to contact the Centre you are wishing to trial at, to clarify on their start / end date and any special instructions relating to trialing.
  • The delivery of Little Athletics activities are subject to the State Government COVID restrictions in place at any given time.

What is Cross Country?

To provide a clear understanding of what the Cross Country season is please use our horizontal menu option, 'What is Cross Country?'

What is the Trial Athlete Offer?

The Trial Athlete Offer is available to children:

  • that have not previously registered as Competitive Members of any Little Athletics Member Association; and
  • who are 5 years of age or older, and no older that 16 years (born in 2006)

The conditions of the Trial Athlete Offer are:

  • The opportunity to trial Little Athletics at a Centre of choice on 2 competition days;
  • Trials are to be completed within a 28 day period, commencing on a date agreed with by the host Centre. Note: For Trial Athletes registered prior to the commencement of the Track & Field / Cross Country season at the nominated Centre, the trial period will commence from the date of the first Centre competition of the season, unless mutually agreed otherwise with the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the Trial Athlete.
  • Trials are conducted free of charge;
  • Events trialled will be determined by the host Centre;
  • Trial Athletes may attend sanctioned Centre training activities by agreement with the host Centre during the term of the Trial Athlete Offer.
  • Competition days participated in as a Trial Athlete can be claimed towards qualification for Region and State competition only if the individual has registered as a full financial LAVic Competitive Member in their correct age group by the closing day and time for entries for the competition.  
  • Trial Athletes are fully covered by the national insurance program entered into by Little Athletics Australia Ltd (‘LAA’) for the 28-day period of the Trial Athlete Offer
  • A Trial Athlete can register as a full financial LAVic Competitive Member at any time.

The Trial Athlete offer is not:

  • For returning to Little Athletics members. 
  • Returning members are required to renew their registration here.

Further information

  • The ‘Find a Centre’ function, located in the horizontal menu above, this will enable you to search for your preferred Little Athletics Centre. To view the Trial Athlete Policy, click HERE.
  • To determine your child's correct age group for the new 21/22 season, view the ‘Age Group Table – Season 21/22’ chart in the horizontal menu.