Townsville Target Archers June FITA 2023

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2023 June Fita

Competition Dates 17th and 18th June 

NOTE - ENTRIES CLOSE ON 12th June at 11.59pm 



The Townsville Target Archery Club wishes to invite interested NQAA archery club members to compete in the Townsville June Fita using a multi-venue platform on the 17th/18th June. 

TTA exec. will enter nominations through "imanagetoday" for competitors.

Payment and Entry are through the following link:

2023 June Fita 

Rounds for the event are as follows:-

Saturday 17th June

WA 60/900 round, Short Canberra round, Junior Canberra round and Geelong round  for novices.

Sunday  18th June 

WA 90/1440, WA 70/1440, WA 60/1440, AA 50/1440, AA 40/1440 

Medals  will be forwarded to clubs when results are finalised.


    National Judge          Mr. Alan Kemp 

Burgers/drinks will be provided for Sunday lunch.

Nomination Fee    

                        Senior competitors  $20.00

                        Junior competitors  $20.00

                        Novice competitors   Free


 Target Bow Divisions:

 Schedule 4B rounds may be found :- AA Constitution and Rules -Schedule 4B 

Open Mens 20yrs+ Junior 17-20yrs        

WA 90/1440        (90m, 70m – 122cm, 50m, 30m – 80cm)                                     

WA 60m/900)      (60m,50m,40m)             

Open Ladies  20yrs+

WA 70/1440       (70m, 60m – 122cm, 50m, 30m – 80cm)

WA 60m/900      (60m,50m,40m)

Masters Males 50-59yrs,

WA 70/1440      (70m, 60m – 122cm,  50m, 30m – 80cm)

WA 60/900       (60m, 50m,40m)

Cadet Females 16-17yrs  Masters  50yrs+ 

WA60/1440      (60m,50m -122cm, 40m,30m - 80cm)

WA60/900        (60m,50m,40m)

Veteran Male 60yrs+ Cadet Boys 16-17yrs

WA 60/1440      (60m, 50m – 122cm, 40m, 30m - 80cm)

WA 60m/900      (60m, 50m,40m)

Intermediate Males & Females 14-15yrs,

Veteran Females 50yrs, Veteran Females +

AA 50/1440        (50m, 40m - 122cm, 30m, 20m - 80cm)

Short Canberra   (50m, 40m,30m)

Cub Males & Females Under 13yrs

AA 40/1440        (40m, 30m – 122cm, 30m, 20m, – 80cm)

Junior Canberra  (40m, 30m,20m)

Novices (Archery Australia registered) are those archers who are recognized as beginners and relatively new to the sport... The host club reserves the right to either accept any individual entry for the novice division or to upgrade that entry to the correct round for their age division. Upgraded entrants will be notified of the upgrade at least one week prior to the event.


Saturday Afternoon

12.00pm – 12.15  Bow Inspection

12.15pm – 12.50   3 x Practice Rounds 

1.00pm     Competition Start

Rounds:  WA 60m/900, Short Canberra,  Junior Canberra, Novice Event - Geelong round

Respite breaks will be at the D.O.S. discretion. 


8.15am – 8.45am.   3 x  Practice Rounds

8.50    Competition Start  

Rounds:    WA 90/1440, WA 70/1440, WA 60/1440, AA50/1440, AA40/1440 

Novice round    AA40/1440

Respite breaks will be at the D.O.S. discretion.


Peter Mulligan 0438318060